Teeth Whitening

Do you ever get jealous of that friend who has such a white smile? Do you wonder if your smile could ever be that bright? Then you need a tooth bleaching service!

Teeth get darkened easily because of:

  • Drinking dark-colored beverages.
  • Smoking.
  • Certain medications and injuries.
  • Aging.
  • Genetics.

Why does this happen? Tooth enamel is almost like a sponge! It absorbs and holds on to dark molecules.

Whitening breaks down those darker molecules. It can lighten your teeth by several shades very quickly. At One Dental Studio, it’s exciting to use professional teeth whitening products to reverse discoloration. Call us today to learn more about your options.

What Whitening Treatments Are Available?

We offer both in-office treatments and at-home whitening. Either way, we’ll make sure your treatment is effective and easy. Get ready for a boost of confidence that comes with your whiter smile!

The teeth whitening products we use include:

  • Day White: This at-home treatment uses an advanced formula delivered through a flavored gel. You’ll apply the gel twice a day for thirty minutes using a customized tray. It works a lot faster than a store-bought alternative!
  • Nite White: This at-home treatment is designed to be used while you sleep! You’ll place a pleasant tasting cream in a whitening tray and get in bed. Sleeping on it gives you more whitening time each session. Your whole treatment can be completed in about a week, giving you a whiter smile almost effortlessly.
  • Zoom! Advanced Power: This is our professional in-office treatment. It can lighten your tooth color up to eight shades, taking only two treatments of about an hour and a half each. Zoom is safe and effective, especially because we’ll be watching over you here at One Dental Studio while you’re using it. We’ll make you comfortable while you wait for your new smile.

Whatever you choose, you will have a bright smile that makes those around you want to smile along with you!

Schedule an Appointment at One Dental Studio for Whiter Teeth

If you’re interested in lightening your smile by several shades—and keeping them that way for a long time—call One Dental Studio for a teeth whitening appointment today.